In Aether & on Air


Centrala is a sound production studio. We provide services to musicians, businesses, and institutions.

We offer original compositions, sound design, and SFX. Create soundtracks for TV & Radio ads. Compose scores for video games, websites, and corporate presentations. We organise castings and voiceover recordings. We know advertising industry inside out. That is why we are the only studio in Poland that is capable of converting ideas outlined in briefs, creative concepts, or brand strategies into sound.

As for musicians, we give them something special – exceptionally individual and creative approach. To be honest, we're not for everyone, as our main focus is alternative music. From offbeat country, psychobilly, Caucasian free jazz, through punk, post-rock, noise, to rap, glitch-hop, techno, and ambient.

At Centrala, we translate ideas into sounds. We put neurons in motion.