kIRk - Pył EP

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kIRk's debut album “Msza Święta w Brąswaldzie” which was released last autumn, drew attention of reviewers and caused a huge increase in a number of kIRk’s listeners. However, even before “Msza” appeared the band had already been performing for a couple of years. And it had been taking place in a different kind of circumstances... At a time when kIRk functioned as a quintet and sometimes even as a sextet. At a time when singing and melody were an integral part of the composition of the group. At the time of the song. It was all about making songs “their way” – by using their own musical syntax. It was supposed to be nice and light but by no means kitschy. Understandable but deep. “Pył” is an introspection, inspecting the universe hidden under its own coat and observing reality with half closed eyes.
Released 21 May 2012
Written By – Olgierd Dokalski, Filip Kalinowski, Paweł Bartnik and old kIRk members – Ewelina Bartosik (Vocal), Łukasz Murwaski (Electronics) + Guest – Matusz Fronczak (Moog) remix by Sebastian Ryciak aka RSP, Mixed By Paweł Bartnik, Piotr Figiel, Mastered by – Piotr Figiel, Artwork by Filip Kalinowski.